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The Imperial
319 Main Street
Vancouver, V6A 2S9

Chali 2na, House of Vibe, The Gaff

Thursday, 14 Feb (8:00 PM)
The Imperial
319 Main Street V6A 2S9

Chali 2na is an MC for the hip-hop group Jurassic 5 and was a founding member of the racially activist salsa funk band Ozomatli. With one of the most well known voices in hip-hop as well as one of the fastest flows, Chali creates rhymes using solid and constant attention to literary techniques, including internal rhymes, assonance, meter, alliterations, and more. The 'Ambassador' of Jurassic 5, Chali has close ties to rap, reggae, funk, soul, rock, and more, and frequently collaborates with a wide range of other artists. Read more on
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