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Biltmore Cabaret
2755 Prince Edward St
Vancouver, V5T 0B5

Odds, The Written Years

Friday, 14 Sep (8:00 PM)
Biltmore Cabaret
2755 Prince Edward St V5T 0B5

There are more than one artist called "The Odds" 1) Current British artist 2) Former British artist 3) a misspelling for the Canadian band Odds 1) Current British artist: The sound of The Odds is brought to you by four musicians, all producing music. Drawing influence from a diverse array of bands and artists from last 60 years, The Odds pride themselves on their ability to write songs. The Odds initially formed in 2005. 2009 saw a collection of profile gigs and small festivals around the UK, and an ever-growing fan base. Read more on
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