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Queen Elizabeth Theatre
650 Hamilton St
Vancouver, V6B 2P1

Les Misérables

Sunday, 15 Jul (7:00 PM)
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
650 Hamilton St V6B 2P1

Les Misérables is the name of more than one artist 1) a popular Quebec rock'n'roll band from the 1960s. 2) a French punk rock group 3) Les Misérables Brass Band If you have tagged the musical like this, please credit it to: Claude-Michel Schönberg. 1) Group from Montréal, Gerry Bribosia (v, g), Michel Cavuoto (g), Jean-Marc Vanasse (sax, v), Aldo Marandola(d) and Grégoire Buisson (b). Originally named Rocking Stars, the Misérables signed their fist contract at Montréal’s Club Yé Yé. Read more on
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