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Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen St West
Toronto, M5V 2A2


Tuesday, 29 Jan (9:00 PM)
Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen St West M5V 2A2

Str8 From Belgrade, Serbia, using music trackers since 1995, producing since 1998. Heavily gone into dnb sound ... in late 1998 Phase meets Toxic and CODEX was formed. Since then, we made millions of breakbeat, techno and of course DNB tracks and had large number of online releases on lables such as 'corrosion', 'kosmoplovci', 'd3' & 'trigger' =). First CODEX album called ELEKTRODEMIA is released on cd in early 2004 for "beograund" lable. After that, CODEX formes KERNEL (sumthin like commercial dnb project with seven & wikluhsky mcs). Read more on
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