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L'Escogriffe Bar Spectacle (L'Esco)
4467 rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2J 2L2

Ellevator, Basement Revolver

Tuesday, 02 Apr (7:00 PM)
L'Escogriffe Bar Spectacle (L'Esco)
4467 rue St-Denis H2J 2L2

Medicine hat formed in the early 90's.Members include singer Mark Jackson, Musician/producer Steve Loveday, talented guitarist Mark Wright and Dynamite rythym section Loll Dalziel on the Bass and Gary Bowler on the Drums. Johnny Walker of BBC radio fame coined the phrase'Cowpunk'to reflect the bands Hard drivin' Rock/country blend. Having released 4 albums and a live DVD in Europe and Canada, Medicine Hat's catalogue can still deliver a raucous, intense, emotive show, to please Hard ridin' Harley riders, all the way to London indie rockers. Read more on
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