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305 Ste Catherine West
Montreal, H2X 2A3

Aborted, Cryptopsy, Hideous Divinity

Wednesday, 17 Apr (8:00 PM)
305 Ste Catherine West H2X 2A3

There are three bands known as The Aborted. 1. A punk band from the United States 2. A hardcore punk band from the United Kingdom 3. A gore metal band from Belgium 1. The Aborted is a punk band from Fullerton, California. The band is made up of Gnat-guitar; Kevin-mangina; Eric-drums; and Joe-bass. The band has since stopped playing and now has members in the Claggs. 2. The Aborted is a british hardcore punk from early 80's .Paul Weaver - Guitar and Vocals Dave Bloor - Guitar Tim Smith - Bass Terry Turton - Drums. Read more on
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