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Théâtre Fairmount
5240 Parc Avenue (corner Fairmount)
Montreal, H2V 4G7

Broods, Bad Sounds

Saturday, 13 Apr (12:00 AM)
Théâtre Fairmount
5240 Parc Avenue (corner Fairmount) H2V 4G7

Broods is a dream pop sibling duo of Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott based in Auckland, New Zealand. Bridges (Oct 2013) was their dreamy debut single, produced by Joel Little (best known for producing Lorde's debut recordings). Comprising vocalist Georgia Nott and her elder multi-instrumentalist brother, Caleb Nott, the pair grew up surrounded by music, having played together since they were children. They were in the Peasants, a band that won a competition for intermediate (junior high) and high school musical acts in 2011. Read more on
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